Michael O’Brien

Michael O’Brien is a thought leader and motivational expert in the arena of FEAR and its impact in every area of life, whether it’s personal or professional. Michael shares his experience of overcoming his own FEARS to his audience while providing valuable tools and strategies on how to overcome their own issues that hold them back from achieving their highest potential. Michael O’Brien is an uber successful real estate broker, who has specialized in selling residential real estate for over 25 years. Michael O’Brien is a serial entrepreneur and the author of the best selling book FEARING NOTHING.

Michael ranks in the top 1 percent of real estate brokers nationwide. However, the road to business success and personal happiness was not easy. After years of struggling with panic attacks and anxiety, Michael mastered his fears, and today, he leads a fear-free life.

As a speaker, Michael loves to entertain audiences with his quick wit and passion on topics such as overcoming personal obstacles, effectively coping with change, creating teamwork, developing strong leaders, and facing fear in sales.

Michael, a former competitive bodybuilder and Mr. Teenage America 1986, stays physically active lifting weights. Michael resides with his wife, Gail, and three children in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.


Michael O’Brien currently offers 3 unique presentations for:

Corporations, Small Businesses, and Non-Profit Organizations.

FEARING NOTHING  “IN SALES”  Prospecting and Achieving Higher Sales Goals, Without Fear. Fearlessly, developing a winning strategy to win more sales than ever before. Learning to enjoy and relax at work while crushing goals.


Schools (Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, Colleges, and Universities)

FEARING NOTHING  “IN SCHOOLS”  Dealing with Bullies, Cyberbullies, and Mean Students. Creating self-esteem in our youth regardless of the troubles in our schools. Learning to manage stress and enjoying the process of becoming educated.


Medical Associations, Hospital Administrations and Staff,  Societies, and Clubs.

FEARING NOTHING  “IN LIFE”  Overcoming Anxiety, Panic Attacks, O.C.D., PTSD, Phobias, Shyness and Depression. Understanding the S.T.R.E.S.S.O.R.S. that starts the stress, the R.E.S.T. that stops it, and knowing the cure is within Y.O.U.


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